Things to do in and around Pofadder

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Northern Cape is the place for you. Soak up the peace and tranquillity of our beautiful province with its dry desert landscape consisting of rugged mountains, red sand dunes and never ending night skies. Come and enjoy what nature has to offer!

Spend a day next to the Orange River

Located 40km outside of Pofadder you’ll find the most beautiful farm where the recent film: “Stroom op” was filmed. Here you can spend the day fishing or walking the hiking trails.

Bird Watching

We have a splendid 555 bird species in the Northern Cape. We also have 28 Globally Threatened species. One of the species that Pofadder area is known for is the LBJ’s.

Namaqualand Wildflowers (Seasonal)

Once a year Namaqualand transforms into a colour explosion. The wildflower season kicks of after the winter rains until end of September / mid October. There is a variety of more than 3000 types of wildflowers to view (Of which about 2 000 you will find nowhere else)

Stargazing and Astrophotography

The open skies, very few town lights and absolutely no air polution makes Pofadder the perfect spot for stargazing and Astrophotography! You can take a gravel road and drive 5 minutes away from town and get breathtaking star shots. The season hits its peak in winter – an ideal time for star gazing as the nights are cool and the colder temperatures will help you get crisp star light.

4×4 Routes

Pofadder area is surrounded by 4×4 possibilities: Namaqua 4×4 Eco-Trail: This is a 600km self-drive 4×4 route. With a grading between two and three. It starts near Pofadder, moves along the Orange River and ends in Alexander Bay. Charlies Pass Pella: This is a one day self-drive 4×4 route. You will start at the historical town of Pella, drive through the magistic mountains all the way to the banks of the Orange River and then turn back to Pella again. Very nice route to invite friends and have a braai with a view. Dunes: Locals will be able to take you to the best dunes in the area for a fun filled afternoon!